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Ctrl2GO Solutions and Petrozavodsk State University Will Create Fatigue Diagnostic System for SmartTeam

Ctrl2GO Solutions and Petrozavodsk State University Will Create Fatigue Diagnostic System for SmartTeam

15 November 2021

Ctrl2GO Solutions announces the agreement with Petrozavodsk State University on developing a technology to diagnose stress and fatigue. The research center will create a unique expert system using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that will most accurately identify states of stress and fatigue based on human physiological indicators. The new development will be used in the SmartTeam digital suite designed to improve the production staff safety and efficiency.

Ctrl2GO Solutions has long been involved in the digitalization of industrial enterprises, and one of its key activities is the workforce digitalization. Its experts have developed the SmartTeam digital suite, which allows monitoring and controlling the employee compliance with occupational safety rules and determining the efficiency of work time use with wearable devices. SmartTeam is also used to monitor the staff health. The solution makes it possible to monitor the condition of employees, timely respond to deteriorating well-being and promptly provide assistance in case of emergencies - heat stroke, loss of consciousness, falls, etc.

SmartTeam offers the option to diagnose employee fatigue among other monitoring scenarios. This option is especially relevant for enterprises where it is important to monitor staff fatigue at critical points in production - dispatchers, train drivers, crane and equipment operators, etc. The diagnostics is currently performed based on indirect signs - for example through heart rate. The SmartTeam AI module uses the change in heart rate to infer the onset of fatigue. When improving the analytical platform, the Ctrl2GO Solutions experts decided to expand and refine the set of human fatigue indicators.

The project on creating technology to determine degrees of stress and fatigue will be completed in February 2022. It will include research on identification of stress and fatigue causing factors at the unique scientific installation supporting medical decision-making process, develop an analytical data interpretation service and create a system to prediction the human condition based on big data technology and artificial intelligence. As soon as all necessary laboratory studies and the development phase are over, the system will be used in the SmartTeam digital suite.

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