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Mining & Metallurgy

Assessment of the technical condition of mining dump trucks


An international company, one of the world's largest suppliers of raw materials and rare earth materials.

The company’s assets include about 150 mining and metallurgical enterprises around the world.

One of the company's assets is a copper and zinc concentrate mine.

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Assessment of the technical condition of mining dump trucks
  • High operating costs due to frequent technical malfunctions of dump trucks
  • Necessity to maintain the dump truck continuous operation, since if one dump truck gets stuck on the transport route, it stops the entire production process

Assessing the current technical condition of mining dump trucks to increase their technical availability up to 80-85%

Features of the project
  • Inability to use and evaluate historical data regarding the dump trucks operation due to data arrays inaccuracy and fragmentation
  • Impossibility of the data arrays unambiguous interpretation due to the unreliability of the customer's data collection system
Features of the project
Project progress
  • Analyzing the entire array of raw data for 8 dump trucks

  • Machine diagnostics

  • Generating detailed reports for each dump truck, indicating the current level of technical availability, the breakdown root cause analysis, forecasting failures and recommended actions

Outcome of the project

Suggesting the measures that can help to increase the machine availability up to 80-85%

Эффект для бизнеса
Business effect
  • Optimizing the company's maintenance schedule
  • Reducing the number of inspection shutdowns
  • Reducing the number of unplanned shutdowns down to the statistical error level
  • Ability to independently apply an approach to the analysis of the remaining dump trucks condition without external help and software
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