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Mining & Metallurgy

Concentration plant automation project


One of the largest coal mining companies in Russia, producing coking coal which is an indispensable component of metallurgy

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Concentration plant automation project
  • Low level of the central concentrating plant automation and digitalization
  • Necessity for external expertise and practical recommendations for solving the entire range of tasks related to production digitalization

Diagnostics of the plant's existing automated systems

Creating proposals for the implementation of new automated systems and assessment of the most possible economic effect of those

Roadmap development and investment appraisal

Features of the project
  • Necessity to integrate the solution into the customer’s existing IT architecture
  • Necessity to attract specialists having deep expertise in the field of concentration technologies and specialized automated systems
Features of the project
Project progress
  • Documentation collection and analysis

  • Creation of the plant digitalization concept

  • Development of a production digitalization roadmap

  • Investment appraisal

Outcome of the project

A detailed technical report containing the recommendations for the concentrating plant digitalization

Recommendations for the implementation of the process automation solutions using computer vision, big data and machine learning technologies

Digitalization roadmap taking into account all the customer's requirements for integration with existing IT systems

Эффект для бизнеса
Business effect

Increasing productivity by 5-10% after the automation project implementation due to:

  • high-precision sensors
  • operational management of the process deviations and anomalies
  • concentration technology optimization using machine learning algorithms
  • optimizing the load and output balance for each grade and batch

Cost reduction up to 5% due to:

  • reducing the reagent and suspension consumption
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