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Transport and Railway Engineering

Intelligent diagnostics and forecast of the technical condition of electric trains


The largest suburban passenger rail carrier in Russia

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Intelligent diagnostics and forecast of the technical condition of electric trains
  • High risk of the electric train non-availability on the route due to the necessity to eliminate the equipment failure consequences
  • Detection of hidden defects in the process of maintenance and repair
  • Operating mode violations by locomotive crews leading to equipment damage

Creating a system for electric trains intelligent diagnostics and technical condition forecast


A system of risk-based maintenance and repair management based on the equipment actual state.

The solution implements
  • Collects, processes and stores telemetry data from equipment sensors
  • Ensures the engineering and mathematical model operation for units and assemblies
  • Assesses and forecasts the equipment "health index"
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Solution implementation SmartMaintenance allowed:

Controlling the electric train correct operation

Tracking the electric train technical condition even before delivering it to a repair position

Receiving detailed information about incidents with key components of each car during operation

Creating the "alarming rules" by fixing smallest deviations in the equipment operation for the timely prevention of equipment failure

Predicting the equipment residual life using heatmaps and visualized 2D car models

Technical Directorate
Situation Center staff
Эффект для бизнеса
Business effect
  • Reducing the number of failures due to the constant monitoring of the rolling stock technical condition and prompt remedial actions
  • Saving material resources by identifying bottlenecks in the repair process and planning ahead
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