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Transport and Railway Engineering

Monitoring, analysis and control of the condition of the rolling stock


A Russian manufacturer of rolling stock for railways and urban transport. One of the world's largest transport engineering companies.

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Monitoring, analysis and control of the condition of the rolling stock
  • The inability to continuously obtain a sufficient amount of data for effective monitoring, analysis and control of the rolling stock technical condition
  • The complexity of proactive repair planning
  • A lack of a system to timely deliver repair parts and components

Providing the possibility to switch to the online data from the locomotive on-board systems, for monitoring the operation and analyzing the rolling stock technical condition


A system of risk-based maintenance and repair management based on the equipment actual state.

The solution implements
  • Collects, processes and stores online telemetry data from equipment sensors
  • Ensures the engineering and mathematical models operation for units and assemblies
  • Assesses and forecasts the equipment "health index"
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Were created:

The solution for unpacking, decrypting and storing binary online telemetry data

The API Gateway module for the customer departments to access data processing results

Customer's external counterparties
Technical Directorate (analyzing actual parameters and operating modes)
Department of Scientific and Technical Development (analyzing the performance of individual nodes in real time)
Operations Directorate (for independently calculating the technical availability factor)
Эффект для бизнеса
Business effect
  • Switching to the use of an extended amount of online data transmitted from locomotives
  • Independently and promptly calculating the performance indicators (mileage, downtime, technical availability factor, etc.)
  • Reducing the costs caused by ineffective service enterprises
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