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The system of qualitative and quantitative planning of supplies and batching


One of the largest full-cycle zinc producers in Russia: from mining and ore concentration to the finished product release in the form of refined zinc and zinc-based alloys

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The system of qualitative and quantitative planning of supplies and batching
  • Frequent unplanned changes in the batch composition due to the different quality of concentrates and the human factor
  • Impossibility of the roasting process stabilization due to the large range of the batch chemical parameters
  • Failure to ensure the consistently high roaster furnace performance

Developing a system for the batching qualitative and quantitative planning according to the quality of concentrates supplied to the plant

Minimizing fluctuations in the batch chemical composition

Stabilizing the roaster furnace performance

Features of the project
  • The creation of a unique mathematical model of supply and batching qualitative and quantitative planning to prepare recommendations for the optimal concentrate quality
  • The complexity of data preparation to create a model and to describe its logic
  • The need to attract narrow-profile specialists with deep expertise in the industry
Features of the project

The implementation result is a self-learning planning system to select the optimal amount and ratio of batching raw materials.

  • The system receives data on 200 parameters as a summary report or in a manual mode
  • The intelligent calculation and planning of batching and raw material supply
  • Also, the solution required the integration with the customer’s existing IT systems:

  • A laboratory accounting system for chemical analyzes
  • A dispatch system
  • A rolling stock control system
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The roasting shop
Technical control
Эффект для бизнеса
Business effect
  • A unified data collection system for batch planning
  • Increasing the furnace productivity by 2-5%
  • Improving the zinc cinder quality by 1-6%
  • The possibility of the solution replication to the Waelz workshop with similar processes
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