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Mining & Metallurgy

Digital adviser for flotation process operation


Operators’ mistakes while operating flotation
Long decision-making time
Inability to forecast beneficiation metrics when changing process parameters


Stabilize and improve efficiency of copper-zinc ore beneficiation process
Forecast concentrates output volume
Minimize loss of valuable copper components

Project Specifics

Uchaly Beneficiation Plant processes several types of ore with different content of valuable components. It’s necessary to constantly analyze a wide array of parameters that define raw material variety. The solution had to be able to quickly change recommendations depending on type of ore.


An intellectual system that gathers and stores technology data and provide recommendations on flotation process operation based on gathered information
Forming recommendations on flotation mode correction
Fixing and control of flotation operator’s actions
Discovering implicit dependences and patters

Business Effects

Increase of copper extraction
Capability to control processing loss
Flotation process operation efficiency improvement
Process results are less dependent on human factor

“Digital adviser will allow for quicker decision making, help operators make less mistakes when operating flotation and forecast beneficiation metrics when changing process parameters”

Dmitry Boychenko, Head of beneficiation plant, Uchaly Mining and Processing Combine
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