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Clover Group Predictive Analytics for POWERCHAIN. ENERGY Project

Clover Group Predictive Analytics for POWERCHAIN. ENERGY Project

16 October 2018

POWERCHAIN. ENERGY is a project to create an ecosystem for managing decentralized energy systems to generate, accumulate, distribute and balance electrical energy, as well as to make mutual settlements between community members.

The project aimed at stimulating energy buffering technology makes it possible to effectively solve such problems of traditional power systems as stabilizing and balancing the grid, reducing the peak electricity cost for consumers, reducing the grid balancing cost, integrating with the network of new energy market participants, ensuring the cross-border transmission and trading of electricity.

The ecosystem is based on the "3D Principle", i. e. the Distributed Ledger technology to organize the Decentralized Energy Management Community) based on the Digital Economy.

The ecosystem uses the modern Clover SmartMaintenance solution to monitor and predict the technical condition of all involved equipment nodes. This makes it possible to receive reliable information about the current state and predict the connected equipment condition at the moments determined by smart contracts.

Clover SmartMaintenance makes it possible to determine the equipment current technical condition and predict a failure within a few months or weeks. Therefore, the user can prevent the failure.

The technology innovativeness includes the physical and mathematical models of equipment failures (MX-models). Thanks to this, the solution accurately assesses the equipment condition based on telemetry data, builds an optimized repair schedule and increases the trouble-free operation time.

Clover Group is a Russian developer of predictive maintenance solutions for the railway industry, energy, mechanical engineering, oil and gas industries. The Clover Group solutions are transforming approaches to MRO using artificial intelligence technologies. The company is included in the perimeter of the 2050. DIGITAL Group.

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