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Technical Audit of Equipment and APCS

Technical audit of equipment and APCS software, their compliance with the technology process and data availability for related systems.
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Technical Audit of Equipment and APCS
The purpose of the service

Sufficiency of APCS data content

Unrecorded process data and their impact on the management process efficiency

Assessment of data availability and usability for related systems

Potential pain points and solutions

Main Tasks
Specification of APCS and data transmission networks
Process and equipment audit
Analysis of management algorithms and their compliance with maintenance schedules
Work Procedure
  • Analysis Analysis of the current infrastructure on sensor availability and possible APCS application

  • Design Target infrastructure model with sensors and APCS access

  • Reporting Expert assessment report on the minimum necessary enterprise upgrade with feasibility justification and business effects.

Service Result
  • Formalized and substantiated view of the existing level of sensor equipment and APCS access
  • Expert assessment of the existing APCS% how it meets the technology process and suits the systems to be implemented systems to be implemented in terms of data content and availability
  • Description of existing and potential problems with APCS data content and accessibility and their solutions
Technical Audit of Equipment and APCS
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