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Remote Expert Center

  • 24/7 remote equipment monitoring and detection of abnormal conditions and degradations
  • Prompt reporting of anomalies with subsequent recommendations for their elimination
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Remote Expert Center
The purpose of the service

Prevention of process equipment emergencies leading to long downtime

Preventing costly unscheduled repairs

Reducing maintenance and repair costs

Higher maintenance quality

Main Tasks
24/7 equipment condition monitoring
Detecting abnormal conditions and equipment degradation
Information messages on incident study results
Regular reporting on equipment condition
Instant notification of dangerous emergency cases via phone/e-mail/SMS
Technical expert support
Work Procedure
  • Information security infrastructure for secure data transfer including new mini data center

  • Remote situation center Equipping workplaces, recruiting dispatchers, organizing shift work

  • Expert support based on sectoral focus areas

  • Interaction between remote situation center dispatchers and customer’s operating personnel

  • Remote expert center in operation

Service Result
  • 24/7 equipment condition monitoring
  • Just-in-time messages on incidents related to abnormal equipment condition changes
  • Monthly equipment condition and incident reports
  • Recommendations for eliminating defective component conditions and preventive maintenance
  • Qualified unscheduled expert support
Remote Expert Center
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