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SmartTeam -
Physiological Сondition Monitoring


Solution for staff health monitoring and analysis

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Monitoring of physiological indicators
Forecast of employee health condition
Prevention of emergencies
Flexible online reporting

You are ready for the SmartTeam if you need to:

Reduce the occupational injury rate on site

You’re currently dealing with

- Workers non-compliance with industrial safety rules

- Low efficiency of injury prevention and precaution

- Lack of objective staff monitoring

Reduce costs due to non-compliance with industrial safety rules

But you're facing

- Frequent insurance and compensation payments

- Direct and indirect losses from process interruption

- Fines for non-compliance with HSE rules and regulations

Promptly respond to emergencies

You’re currently dealing with

- Low incident response rate

- Failure to promptly provide aid to victims

- No notification system in case of emergency

Prevention of emergencies

You’re currently dealing with

- Employees work alone at critical points

- No notifications in case of emergency

- No system of staff health condition data collection

Providing solutions for your business tasks

Reduction in occupational accidents


Lack of timely response to deteriorating staff health condition increases the risk of injury and death.


SmartTeam enables to:
- Obtain objective data on staff condition
- Promptly respond to deteriorating staff health condition
- Reduce the injury and fatality rate

Minimization of danger situations on site

The implemented solution will give you


6% higher labor productivity


21% less telemetry data processing time


Up to 11% downtime reduction due to human factor minimization

Calculate the economic effect of the SmartTeam implementation

SmartTeam - your digital assistant

The SmartTeam digital solution will help you to get objective data on workers health
Monitoring of physiological indicators
Proactive response to deteriorating health condition
Employee sleep and fatigue detection
Dispatcher and employee notification
Prompt aid in case of emergency
Identification of life-threatening cases: injuries, falls, unconsciousness
Heat or sun stroke, hypothermia risk detection
Operator call - I need help FUNCTION (SOS button)
To gather data, we use:

Data Transmission

Indoor We recommend using a set of tags, network infrastructure and wearable devices to accurately determine employees’ location
BLE beacons We design a deployment plan that is optimal for the positioning area and accuracy
Data transmission system We install a LoRa-station
Wearable devices: a watch and a T-shirt We select the optimal device type and model to suit your tasks
Outdoor We recommend using wearable GPS devices and network infrastructure to accurately locate employees.
Data transmission system We install a LoRa station to ensure optimal coverage
Wearable devices: a watch and a T-shirt We select the optimal device type and model to suit your tasks

See SmartTeam Physiological Сondition Monitoring in action

Why SmartTeam from Ctrl2GO Solutions

01 Experts in industrial data analytics and IIOT
02 Flexible turnkey or tailor-made way of working
03 In depth expertise in implementing projects for industry

Any questions?

I have a specific task, can you develop a customized solution?
I need an end-to-end solution that integrates multiple SmartTeam products.
If employees work at remote sites with no developed communication infrastructure, how will the data be transmitted?
Employees do not want to be monitored and always come up with ways to trick monitoring systems. Is your system easy to trick?
Is it difficult to explain employees why they need to use wearable devices, how can they be motivated?
Are the data collected from the wearable devices classified as personal data?
Many employees work in hazardous areas. What is the devices IP rating (IP XX)?
How can wearable devices detect employee actions?
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