Digital solutions for oil and gas companies

  • Monitor employee safety and performance using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
  • Monitor equipment health using intelligent monitoring and diagnostics systems
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Preventing equipment failures
Increasing energy efficiency of equipment
Improving industrial safety
We provide solutions for
Monitoring, Diagnostics and Prediction of Equipment Failures
Improvement of Personnel Efficiency
Labor Protection and Industrial Safety
Why Ctrl2GO Solutions
Alexander Begunov Deputy CEO, Head of Oil&Gas BU

"Ctrl2GO Solutions has been implementing digital transformation projects for oil and gas industry for over 5 years. Within the company, we have established an industry competence center, which includes experts in various business areas, from upstream to downstream.

Based on my personal experience in the largest vertically integrated oil companies, I can say that IT solutions significantly increase efficiency of each area at production including processes, equipment, and personnel digitalization. Collectively, it creates a synergetic effect on the enterprise, which can significantly increase production margin and the asset value."

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