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Information system for equipment remote monitoring, automatic diagnostics and condition prediction

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Monitoring and real-time control of equipment condition
Detection of deviations in operation and predictive diagnostics of failures and shutdowns
Predictive analytics for prevention of accidents
Decision support for reliability management

SmartDiagnostics Purpose

for critical and ancillary equipment and production lines of industrial companies
Energy industry
Oil & Gas
Chemical industry
Metals & Mining
Food and beverage industry
Housing and utility infrastructure
Paper & pulp industry
Transport engineering
Power plant industry
Manufacturing equipment building
Defense industry
The implemented solution will give you
up to 70% Equipment emergency shutdowns and downtime reduction
up to 50% OPEX economy
on maintenance and repair
up to 15% Equipment service life extension and CAPEX economy on replacement
3-5% Energy performance improvement

Benefits for Your Business

Accident prevention and reduced diagnostics and defect detection time
Objective data as a result of monitoring and condition assessment
Prevention of emergency shutdowns and equipment capacity planning
Reduction of M&R expenses by timely work planning of work and spare parts purchase
Detection of dependence of asset performance on equipment condition
Redusing dependence on personnel skill level, standardized approach to decision-making
SmartDiagnostics Features

Additional info

SmartDiagnostics requires no special setup, users can work with the system via a web browser.

SmartDiagnostics cost depends on the number of connected equipment or controlled signals.

SmartDiagnostics Advantages

Powerful Analytic Core mathematical methods: from operation mode detection to building statistical models and predictive models. Simultaneous operation of multiple models.
«Low-code» and «No-code» Instrument allows for expert rule building without programming skills or hiring developers.
Out-of-the-box solution – flexible settings and instruments for models and rules building. Custom development of rule libraries.
Flexible approach to pricing due to own developments and extensive portfolio of solutions.
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