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Development of Equipment Condition Predicting Models


Models and algorithms for current equipment condition and possible future changes to be used in decision support systems and smart reliability management systems for production assets

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Development of Equipment Condition Predicting Models
The purpose of the service

Automated calculation of metrics and indicators describing the current equipment condition and its change forecast

Optimized repair and operating costs

Higher performance and energy efficiency of equipment

Increased efficiency and reduced downtime of equipment

Optimized procurement of spare parts and consumables

Main Tasks
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of available equipment data
Calculation methods for metrics and indicators of equipment condition
Implemented calculation algorithms for metrics and indicators based on the developed methods
Validated models and assessed calculation accuracy
Work Procedure
  • Analysis of production assets (data sheets, equipment condition, data examples)

  • Condition predicting model code

  • Model validation

  • Model integration into the software involved in the production and decision-making processes

Service Result
  • Functional models for assessing and predicting condition changes adjusted and trained for specific production equipment
Development of Equipment Condition Predicting Models
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