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Is it possible to use digital tools to assess the performance of workers at construction and production sites?
Is it possible to use digital tools to assess the performance of workers at construction and production sites?

Improving the performance of employees who do not work in the same workplace is a challenge: constant movements, diverse activities, and varying numbers of people in work teams make it very difficult to assess the productivity. Examples of such work can be found in every industry (pipeline patrolmen, repair crews in the energy sector, mobile personnel in other industries), but the most striking one is in construction.

How To Prevent Heat Stroke with Digital Monitoring Tools?
How To Prevent Heat Stroke with Digital Monitoring Tools?

The risk is higher for those working outdoors (agricultural workers) or in high-temperature industries (metal smelting). However, construction workers are the most at risk. Statistics show that the risk of dying from a heat-related illness is 13 times higher in construction than in other industries. In the U.S., construction accounts for more than one-third of all occupational deaths related to elevated temperatures

Ctrl2GO Participated in Occupational Safety & Health International Conference in Saudi Arabia
Ctrl2GO Solutions participated in the 4th Occupational Safety & Health International Conference held in Riyadh on November 15-17. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Manpower and Social Development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the National Strategic Program for Occupational Health and Safety.
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Ctrl2GO Solutions Got ISO 20000-1:2018 Certification
Ctrl2GO Solutions has received certification that the IT service management system used in the company meets the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018.
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Ctrl2GO Solutions at Saudi-Russian Business Council MeetingCtrl2GO Solutions participates in the Saudi-Russian Business Council meeting
Ctrl2GO Solutions participated in a meeting on strategic objectives of Saudi-Russian business partnership
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Ctrl2GO Solutions and Petrozavodsk State University Will Create Fatigue Diagnostic System for SmartTeam
Ctrl2GO Solutions announces the agreement with Petrozavodsk State University on developing a technology to diagnose stress and fatigue. The research center will create a unique expert system using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that will most accurately identify states of stress and fatigue based on human physiological indicators. The new development will be used in the SmartTeam digital suite designed to improve the production staff safety and efficiency.
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Ctrl2GO Solutions Presented SmartTeam at PRO//Motion.Expo
Ctrl2Go Solutions took part in the PRO/Motion.Expo International Railway Fair in Scherbinka on August 26-29, 2021
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Ctrl2Go Solutions: A-B-C of Expansion
Ctrl2Go Solutions became a part of Skolkovo Global Shift program
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