Technology of non-contact acoustic monitoring and diagnostics of machines and units
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About Technology

Technology for equipment diagnostics based on acoustic wave data generated during its operation

Our experts recommend using the technology when

  • Sensors can not be installed on equipment
  • Contact data collection is difficult and costly
  • Moving objects need to be monitored and diagnosed
How Technology Works

From start-up to equipment diagnostics in 40 seconds

Acoustic sensor data collection

Analysis of data obtained

Real-time diagnostics by comparing data obtained with equipment operating mode standards

Alarms to the dispatcher when equipment failure risks are detected

Technological Advantages
    • No equipment design alteration is required
    • In-depth analysis of all equipment components
    • Complete monitoring of the entire unit under diagnostics
    • Potential use of technology in any industry
    • Quick detection of anomalies in components and units
Technology Use Case

Electric motor monitoring

  • Detecting rotation modes, main drive rpm and power supply noises
  • Identifying the functional condition of equipment through composition of values and application algorithms.
  • Interpolating dynamic change in electric motor rpm through stationary cycle process framing
  • Setting qualitative and quantitative indicators of anomalies based on the spatial search for harmonic package components and their interrelations
  • Business benefits

    Higher accuracy in express diagnostics of processes and equipmentорудования

    Less downtime related to long unscheduled repairs

    Less costs for unscheduled repairs of process equipment

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