Technology of contact acoustic monitoring and diagnostics of machines and unit
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About Technology

Technology based on registration of elastic stress waves arising under load in materials during defect formation and development

  • Data interpretation and visualization is performed by an intelligent analysis platform
  • Incidents are predicted by an AI algorithm
  • The technology allows to switch to from scheduled repair to a defect dependent one
How Technology Works

Acoustic emission sensors with analog-to-digital converter are placed on the surface of unit under diagnostics

ТCurrent equipment operation data are transmitted to the computing unit.

Comparison of current operation data with the event library

Notification of the system and dispatchers in critical situations

Technological Advantages
    • In-depth online monitoring and diagnostics of structures
    • Complete monitoring of the entire unit under diagnostics
    • Potential use of technology in any industry
Technology Use Case

Flotation control

  • Registering acoustic emission at the moment of pressure increase due to depressurization
  • Detecting active acoustic emission source
  • Identifying defect - pitting cases and reduced pipeline wall thickness
  • Localizing pitting cases by coordinates according to the method of phase shift estimation during the sensor signal correlation
  • Confirming defect: detecting defect at acoustic emission point
  • Business benefits

    Higher accuracy of equipment diagnostics

    Less downtime related to long unscheduled repairs

    Less costs for unscheduled repairs of equipment and structures

    Сокращение затрат на техническое обслуживание оборудования

    This technology is used in solutions
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