Technology of non-contact visual monitoring and diagnostics of machines and units
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About Technology

Video capture and analysis technology for failure detection and process contro

How Technology Works

Industrial video cameras capture images

Specialized software processes data for segmentation and identification of static and moving objects.

The system analyzes the received data and sends a signal to the equipment to correct its operation.The system analyzes the received data and sends a signal to the equipment to correct its operation.
The system generates recommendations to the equipment operator for correct operation and increased efficiency.
Technological Advantages
  • One technology for multiple applications::
    • Product classification and quality control
    • Compliance with process guidelines
    • Detection of equipment malfunctions
  • Potential use of technology in any industry
Technology Use Case

Flotation control

  • Smart Vision analyzes multiple visual parameters of the flotation foam::
    • Direction and speed
    • Size and number of bubbles
    • Stability
    • Structure and color
  • Analysis generates recommendations to the operator for:
    • Reagent supply
    • Air supply
    • Impeller rotation speeds
    • Slurry and foam levels
  • Operator adjusts necessary parameters to increase recovery and to reduce reagent consumption
  • Business benefits

    Fast respond to process disturbancesго процесса

    24/7 operation with no efficiency compromise

    No human factor influence

    No human factor influence ● Reduced labor costs for equipment visual diagnostics

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